AI Innovation, Built on Startup Collaboration

The best ideas of the future are not likely to come from just one source. We connect businesses with the latest AI innovations introduced by startups worldwide and provide the support resources and expertise they need to address challenging business problems.

An Agile Approach to AI Innovations

Our approach to identifying, testing, and deploying AI innovations takes advantage of rapid experimentation and strategic piloting, creating a more efficient and cost-effective path for delivering quantifiable improvements. This agile approach can add critical resources to the team and ultimately allows firms to move quickly to deploy applied AI solutions to address important business challenges in mature organizations.

Subscription-Based, Flexible
Engagement Model

We provide subscription-based, managed solutions that can be customized to meet individual clients’ needs. From discovery to pilot management and oversight to full deployment, our engagement options afford clients more agile and cost-effective paths to AI innovations.

Additional Resources and Expertise for
Your Teams

Few companies today have all the internal capabilities and expertise required to successfully deploy AI-enabled solutions. We offer clients alternatives and resources to help augment their teams, including project managers and experts in the field of artificial intelligence with experience launching AI innovations. Together, we are an unstoppable force.

Learn How Ai Collaborator Can Be Your Secret
Weapon for Agile AI Innovations

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