Startups Will Soon Power
the AI Economy

By as early as 2019, startups are expected to become the leading drivers of the global artificial intelligence economy. At Ai Collaborator, we recognize this as a unique opportunity to harness the power of startups to drive AI innovation across the entire business landscape.

Connecting Startups with Enterprises for AI Innovation

Ai Collaborator introduces leading AI startups from around the world to Fortune 500 brands seeking partners to bridge internal resource gaps, solve complex business problems, and drive meaningful results. Today’s established corporations are looking for disruptive AI innovations that can generate both topline and bottom line growth, seeing startups as a cornerstone of their success.  Through its extensive global network of best-in-class startups, Ai Collaborator is able to provide these companies with a more efficient path to startup discovery and access.

The Many Benefits of Partnering with Ai Collaborator

By joining the Ai Collaborator network, startups gain access to a global ecosystem of business relationships that can open doors to some of the world’s leading companies for both commercial and strategic business opportunities – all at no cost to their business. For startups interested in a more extensive partnership, Ai Collaborator also provides a range of investment, commercial, and strategic advisory services to help accelerate business growth.

Joining Our Network Is Easy

Ai Collaborator seeks leading AI innovation startups that offer solutions spanning all aspects of the customer journey, from marketing and operations to commerce and service. To get your AI startup on the map and learn about the latest AI collaboration opportunities with top global enterprises, join our network.

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